Urut Batin and its relation to the Male Anatomy Part 1

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In a previous post, I had given a description of an Urut Batin massage session as well as a description of the parts of the male anatomy that could possibly be massaged during a typical Urut Batin massage session.

I thought it would be good for me here to do an overview of the male anatomy so that readers will be familiar with the various parts of a man’s anatomy and understand the descriptions given in previous and future posts.

To start off, the diagram below illustrates a sectional diagram of the male pelvic area:

Urut Batin and male anatomy - Male anatomy section pic






The main components of the human Male Reproductive System


Penis: The penis is a man’s main organ for copulation or sexual intercourse, at most times, a man’s penis is flaccid or soft, before sexual intercourse happens a man becomes sexually aroused causing blood to rush into the erectile tissues of the penis and resulting in the tissues becoming turgid or hard and the penis becoming erect. More will be covered on this in part 2 of this post.

Scrotum: A pouch like structure made of skin and tissue that holds and protects a man’s testicles


Testicles: The primary organ in a man to produce sperm for reproduction, the testicles or testes also produces the hormone testosterone which is important for promoting sexual maturity (and sexual characteristics of a man including sexual desire, increased muscle mass and strength as well as body hair). Testosterone is also important for health, including preventing osteoporosis.

Epididymis: A tightly coiled mass of tubes where sperm are stored and mature before they are discharged into the vas differens.

Seminal Vesicles: Produce part of the seminal fluid that nourishes the sperm.

Vas Deferens: Tube like structures through which sperm and seminal fluid travel when a man ejaculates.

Prostate Gland: Produces the seminal fluid.

Urut Batin massage, involving the massage to a man’s genitals is believed to improve blood flow within the male genital area. This is related to the belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where blood flow is related to a person’s “Qi” or internal energy and stagnation of blood flow or “Blood Stasis” as it is often known as is a sign of internal blockages or blocks to one’s internal “Qi” or energy system, therefore affecting the functioning of a particular organ part or the body as a whole. Traditional medicine aside, massage in Western terms is also believed to encourage and promote blood flow and stimulate the peripheral nervous system, thus massage or in our case Urut Batin massage can be seen as a means to improve a man’s overall genital function, not to mention overall health as for example the ability of the testes to secrete the hormone testosterone is known to maintain the body in health – ie bone health as indicated above.

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