Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention - Introduction

Prostate Milking. What is it? Can you actually milk a man’s prostate like a cow? The process of milking the prostate actually refers to massage of this ubiquitous male gland. The art of prostate milking or massage is most often associated with sex and in particular, sexual pleasure.

Ancient manuscripts indicate that concubines indulged the ancient rulers of China with the pleasures of prostate massage. In more recent years, Western medicine has also somewhat embraced prostate milking or massage as a form of medical therapy for prostate related ailments like Prostatitis and BPH – Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. However does Prostate Milking or Massage prevent prostate cancer? Let’s look at some scientific studies.

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – Regular Ejaculation/Prostate drainage

First off, regular ejaculations  have been shown to be a factor in reducing prostate cancer risk. Why this is so, is still up to debate. The study indicates statistically, that men who ejaculate more frequently experience a reduced risk of contracting prostate cancer. Alternative health proponents suggest that ejaculation prevents accumulation of ejaculatory or seminal fluids in the prostate gland. Fluids which may have potentially carcinogenic qualities if left stagnant in the gland.

Stimulation of the prostate is a known method apart from masturbation to achieve ejaculation. This is a traditional method in animal husbandry for example where electro-stimulation of the prostates of male animals is used to extract semen for breeding purposes. However, In most normal circumstances, masturbation would be the easiest and fastest way.

That being said, men regularly using a particular brand of prostate massagers, do report handsfree ejaculations or release of prostatic fluid. For some men, this may be a preferred method of releasing prostatic fluid or secretions, vs masturbation. There are also side benefits of internal prostate massage or milking, which can also be very pleasurable.

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – The link to tissue inflammation

Another link to cancer prevention is in the relationship between Milking and Prostatitis as well as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

While not totally conclusive, studies indicate that these 2 diseases of the prostate, may be risk factors for prostate cancer. This is due to the fact that the 2 diseases result in tissue inflammation and the studies show, there may be a connection between inflammation in the prostate and prostate cancer.

Nowadays prostate massage/milking is often acknowledged as an alternative means to relieve the symptoms of both prostate ailments. While not a mainstream form of treatment for Prostatitis and BPH, Prostate milking has gained wide acceptance. So much so, a doctor (together with an industrial designer) invented the Pro-state massager to make it easier for men to benefit from prostate massages regularly.

Thus far the benefit of prostate milking as reported, is mainly in symptom relief. However, the ability of the milking/massage process to reduce inflammation and swelling in the prostate is noteworthy. Given the links between inflammation and cancer, men looking to reduce their risks of prostate cancer, should not ignore the potential health benefits of prostate milking.

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – Conclusion

It is by no means conclusive that prostate milking is a preventative cause for prostate cancer. However, there are indeed some pointers that milking the prostate, may have health benefits for men. For men looking to overall reduce their risk factors for prostate cancer. And to maintain a healthy, functioning prostate gland, Prostate Milking or Massage may be a healthy regular habit to follow.

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – How To: Stimulation Through the Perineum

There are 2 ways to Milk or Massage the prostate. Firstly, through the Perineum (as done in ancient manhood enhancement massage techniques like urut batin).

The perineum is the spot in the man’s anatomy between his anus and his scrotum. Massaging the area will stimulate the prostate. The prostate is located deep in the pelvic area, so stimulation through the perineum is not the most effective way. Rather, there is a second method to access the prostate.

external prostate massage through the perineum

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – How To: Direct Stimulation Through Anus/Rectum

This second and most common method is to access the prostate gland through the anus and rectum. Only the thin rectal wall lining comes between (a finger or massager) here, versus layers of tissue when done through the perineum

This method of Massaging or Milking the prostate gland, will enable the gland to be thoroughly massaged. This improves blood flow through the gland and drains the gland of any stagnant fluids. Alternative health practitioners believe the accumulation of stagnant fluids/secretions is the cause of prostate ailments including cancer.

Prostate Milking

Some men do find this method unpleasant. It is literally what they experience at a doctor’s office during their annual prostate exam. Some, may also link anal penetration with homosexuality. As such they may have a psychological aversion to having a finger or instrument inserted anally. Lastly, trying to milk one’s own prostate effectively is not easy requiring some contortion. Thus, it may not be a feasible thing to do regularly for many men.

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – How To: Prostate Massagers

As mentioned before, the difficulty of massaging, one’s own prostate led a doctor to approach an inventor for a solution. That solution was the Pro-State massager. Due to its success ironically as a sex toy, it evolved in marketing terms, to the Aneros prostate massager.

Aneros predecessor pro-state

Working with the contraction of the anal and rectal muscles, the Aneros gently massages or milks the prostate gland. No hands and no electricity or mechanisms needed. It is a simple and easy to use tool to milk your own prostate. And derive the potential health benefits – and pleasure of prostate milking....

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