How To Use A Prostate Massager

How to use a prostate massager – Why massage the prostate?

The prostate is a hitherto relatively unknown pleasure spot for men. This is because the gland is located deep within the body. Access to stimulate the gland  – through the anus and rectum has till recent times also been taboo in many cultures.

Great pleasures await men, adventurous enough the try prostate stimulation. With the internet and social media we can now read of other men’s experiences. These include reports of super orgasms or “Super Os”, when stimulating their male “G” Spot or “P spot” as the prostate is also known by when it comes to male pleasure.

Prostate Milking

Yet prostate masssage is not just for pleasure, it has many purported and proven health benefits. Massage and stimulation of body parts is known to stimulate blood flow and maintenance of healthy function of the affected parts. Prostate massage is no different. In addition, with the prostate gland consisting of numerous ducts for secretion of prostatic/seminal fluids, massage of the gland actually ensures release of such fluids. Preventing the fluid retention and clogging of the ducts which may lead to infections.

As mentioned, the prostate is prone to many afflictions known to men. These include prostatitis, prostate cancer, as well as the very common – enlargement of the prostate gland (in older men) – known also as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Massage of the prostate has thus come to be seen as an alternative form of treatment for such male oriented medical issues. In fact one particular prostate gland massager – the Aneros – was originally invented as a medical device for men to perform the massage on themselves for medical benefit.

How to Use A Prostate Massager – How to choose a prostate massager

Internal or External – We have detailed that prostate massage requires “internal” masage through the anus and rectum. For those men who are more queasy about having to do an insertion through their anal canal, they can have an albeit a compromised experience by external stimulation through the perineum – one can do this with the Prostate Cradle (pictured)

Perineal Tab – related to the point on external stimulation above, the perineum of a man is also a known point to stimulate the prostate gland as a form of reflexology. As a feature to look out for, many prostate massagers actually have a “perinem tab” that ensures that the prostate is stimulated both internally and externally. (Below - Pic 1: Example of manual stimulation of the perineum (learn more Here); Pic 2: Sample of Perineum Tab of the Aneros Helix Prostate Massager; Pic 3: Relative positioning of the massager vs the male anatomy)

external prostate massage through the perineum

Pic 1: External Stimulation of Prostate (Through Perineum)

How to use a prostate massager - Perineum Tab

Pic 2: Aneros Helix - Arrow Points to Perineum Tab

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How to use a prostate massager - Positioning

Pic 3: Positioning of the Aneros Helix Massager in relation to Male Anatomy

Picture Credit for Pic 2 & 3 - Aneros Official Site

Size – Most men will start with massagers with smaller heads – like the Aneros Helix, which generally are a good choice for beginners. That being said. Massagers with bigger heads have the advantage of a larger surface area. Hence have greater probability to “hit” the prostate gland and be effective in stimulating the male gland.

How to use a prostate massager - relative size of Aneros range of massagers

ABOVE: Relative Size of Aneros Range of Prostate Massagers (Credit: Aneros Official)

Vibrating or not vibrating – some massagers come with a vibration mode for greater stimulation, some people like it and some do not, though generally, vibrating massagers are known to result in greater and stronger orgasms. One school of thought is that you can always switch off the vibration mode or remove the “vibrating bullet” if your massager has one. Our take is to choose according to functionality and how the shape of the massager can derive the effect that the user is looking for.

Aneros VICE with removeable vibrating rod (Credit: Aneros Official)

How to Use a Prostate Massager – Care of the massager

Care of the massager – As the prostate massagers have to go into a part of the body that is generally considered “unsanitary”, cleaning it is very important. Warm water and soap is generally sufficient for cleaning the massager. Most massagers are made of medical grade, water-proof materials like silicone which are suitable for use internally.

How to use a prostate Massager – Clearing/Cleaning your bowels

Cleaning your “Back Passage” – It is important for a man to clear his bowels before using a massager. This basically ensures that he has the best experience using the massager – ie using it without fear that he will have to move his bowels (especially when one is lying on one’s own bed). It is good practice to have a hot shower with focus on cleaning the anorectal region. As an added measure, a man may want use a Anal Douche (picture) to ensure that the rectum is clean and free of faecal matter.

Anal Douche

How to use a Prostate Massager – Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate!

The human rectum does not lubricate itself (unlike a vagina) thus it is important to lubricate both the massager, as well as the anal and rectal area before insertion of anything foreign into it, We recommend the Wet Synergy Water Based Silicone Lube. This ensures ease of movement which will make insertion a lot more comfortable for the user. Nonetheless, slow and steady is key. Never force a massager in as the anus and rectum are very senstive regions of a man’s body.

Water Based Silicone Lube

How to use a Prostate Massager – Position

2 recommended positions for using a massager as follows:

  • Man Lies on his side, with the leg facing the top (the one not on the bed – bent, knee towards the chest) – this position is perhaps easiest to reach to the rectum to insert the prostate massager.
  • Man lies flat on the bed, legs apart and knees bent – this position perhaps allows the greatest amount of relaxation while inserting the massager as the man is lying down flat and it allows him to relax and concentrate on the sensations, relax his anal sphincter and concentrate on achieving a prostate orgasm

How to use a Prostate Massager – Insertion & while the massager is inserted

Insert the massager, slowly, take your time, moving too fast may hurt you especially if it is your first time, take time to let your body pull the massager in. Many massagers, like those in the Aneros range will have a perineum abutment – to prevent the massager from being pulled all the way in your rectum but more importantly, the perineum abutment actually stimulates the perineum – a known reflexology point that can stimulate the prostate indirectly.

Relax. Most massagers are designed to work handsfree. Either through physical vibration or are designed to work on their own – in tandem with anal sphincter contractions. The Aneros range of massagers for example are designed specifically to do this – with the contractions of the anal sphincter serving to move the massager to rub or “tap” on the prostate gland.


Many men are curious about prostate orgasms and how to achieve them. This is because they present such a different sensation to normal ejaculatory orgasms. That said, given that they are so different, they will not be easy to achieve and some men may not know they have experienced one.

 Our advise for men is to take their time. Experiment, learn to identify the sensations of your own body and how to use a prostate massager to derive the greatest pleasure. From stimulation of the anal sphincter (which is greatly supplied with nerve endings), to the deeper sensations of prostate

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