Introduction to The Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros is a brand name of a range of sex toys, designed to stimulate the male prostate gland. It is unique in that it stimulates the male gland without the aid of any batteries or electricity. The Aneros toys have their roots as a medical device, developed by Parent Company, High Island Health LLC.

Aneros predecessor pro-state

ABOVE: Diagram of the Aneros/Pro-State Massager inserted into Rectal Cavity (Note that Anal Sphincter is in a contracted position with the head of the massage device pressing on to the prostate gland)

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The medical device, called the Pro-State Massager, is still marketed under the same brand name for medical use. The company soon realized that the device not only was effective as a prostate massager for health reasons. It also provided men with sexual pleasure. This led to offshoot brand – Aneros, with the accompanying marketing efforts targeting the adult toy market.

Origins of the Aneros – Prostate Massage

Prostate massage was the impetus for the development for what ended up being a sex toy – The original Aneros. The roots of prostate massage date back to antiquity with purported origins in ancient tantric philosophies of the Orient. According to the Aneros Wiki, concubines of Emperors in Ancient China used prostate massage. Providing greater sexual pleasure (through stimulation of the prostate and perineum massage) to their Emperors. This not only enhanced the Emperors’ pleasure, but also boosted their libido and the concubines hopes of getting pregnant. In those ancient times, it was important for concubines to bear offspring for the royal court. By doing so, especially if the offspring was male, a concubine stood to attain a higher status in court.

Prostate Massage as Medical Therapy

The tradition continues in modern Asia. For example traditionally, Japanese wives were often known to offer their husbands prostate massages to maintain their sexual health and a healthy relationship in the bedroom. Experts have studied this practice of prostate massage in Asia and the purported benefits to sexual pleasure and health. Indeed, the Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area suggests that one of the reasons why Asian men are less susceptable to prostate related diseases like prostate cancer is due to the traditions of prostate massage in the region.

Aneros_Manual Prostate Massage

ABOVE: Manual Prostate Massage

Western medicine also came to see prostate massage as a means of alleviating the symptoms of prostatic conditions such as chronic Prostatis and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). These prostate symptoms are said to be due to accumulation of fluid – sometimes infected, causing inflammation. Massage encourages blood circulation to the gland. The improved blood flow and oxygenation to the gland, improving its ability to function and fight off infections. Consequently, many Western Medine practitioners and alternative health practitioners in the West, now offer prostate massage and drainage therapy.

Invention of the Pro-State Massager (Predecessor of the Aneros)

Nonetheless, it is not always practical for men to find a medical or alternative health practitioner to provide the massage. Cost wise and time wise, relying on a professional to provide the massage may not be practical for all men. Some men resort to having their wives or partners to provide the masage as a means around this. It was with this in mind - and also to help men without access to professional prostate massage - that a Japanese urologist approached inventer Jiro Takashima for a solution, giving rise to the Pro-state prostate massager in 1995, the predecessor of the original Aneros massager.

ABOVE: Images from the patent filing of the predecessor of Aneros (Caption 16 referring to the rod element rubbing against a man's perineum)

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How the Aneros Massager works

It is easiest and most common, to stimulate the prostate through the perineum, located between scrotum and anus. Other ancient techniques from the orient like Urut Batin also utilize this accupressure point (the perineum).

However the most effective way to a man’s prostate is still through the anus into the rectum. Here, only the thin wall of the rectum separates the massager (usually fingers or sex toys) from the prostate. This is unlike through the perineum, where its separated by muscular tissue.

Inserted through the anal canal, the bulbous profiled head fills the rectal cavity and rests on the prostate. Contractions of the anal sphincter by the user result in rhythmic massage of the gland. The rod and handle of the prevent the device from being drawn further into the anal canal during contractions. At the same time, the rod also rubs on a man's perineum through anal sphincter contractions. This works like massage to the perineum and further stimulate the prostate.

Aneros Predecessor Patent Pics

ABOVE: Fig 4 from the patent files of the predecessor to Aneros, showing how the Bulbous Head (12) fits into the cavity and is in contact with the Prostate Gland (42). At the same time, the rod element (16) stimulates the perineum (46) rubbing against it.

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Evolution of the Medical Device - From Pro-State Massager to the Sex Toy, Aneros

Of course, as previously mentioned, the Pro-state massager proved to be more than just a medical device with users experiencing orgasms when using it. This eventually led to High Island Health creating a spin-off company. This company focused on the Adult Sex Toy market, and was marketd under brand name Aneros.

The key to this unintended success being that both the prostate and the perineum are highly senstive spots. The prostate gland and its vicinity are richly supplied with nerves (some linked to the male erection and ejaculation process). As such stmulation of the gland itself can be a very pleasurable experience. The same principles apply to other mammals as well. In animal husbandry, stimulation of an animal’s prostate gland through electrical stimulation is common way to collect sperm. The Perineum is also a known accupressure point. Since ancient times, it has been known to be an effective spot to stimulate the reproductive organs of a man. A point which we previously made with the example of the Emperors’ concubines in Ancient China.

external prostate massage through the perineum
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ABOVE: Abstract from Urut Batin Step by Step Self Massage E-Book (Available Here), showing stimulation of the prostate through the perineum

The Pro-State and Aneros massagers stimulate both the perineum and the prostate gland simultaneously. Long a secret of ancient royalty and the ancient tantric practitioners. Modern day men are now unlocking the joys of stimulation to these 2 pleasure spots, with the Aneros.

Prostate Orgasms with the Aneros

With men now discovering the joys of stimulating their richly innervated prostate glands and perineums. The Prostate Gland is becoming better known as the Male equivalent of the Female G-spot or clitoris. Women can derive intense pleasure from stimulation of their G-spot. Likewise, when a man stimulates his prostate gland, the pleasure sensations may be intense, such that, it has been given the term – Prostate Orgasm.

So how does a Prostate Orgasm feel like? It appears to be subjective in nature. Some men experience it in an area concentrated in the internal pelvic area in the general vicinity of the prostate gland. Sensations can include feelings of having an urge to urinate (which should not occur), feeling of warmth and or muscle contractions in the pelvic and possibly inner thigh area. Other men have reported “whole body orgasms” where the pleasure sensations extend to their entire bodies.

Lasting Longer in Bed Through Prostate Orgasms

More importantly, learning to have prostate orgasms can be a key to overcoming an age old question. The question – “How to last longer in bed” during sex has confounded men since the beginning of time. Physiologically, nature has designed the male human body so that it is not possible to have multiple ejaculatory orgasms. A phenomenon known as the Male Refractory period, it can last between a few minutes and several days. In general the older a man is, the longer the refractory period between orgasms. This is also the reason why men “roll over to sleep” after an ejaculatory orgasm, often leaving their partners unfulfilled.

The Male Refractory period is a reason for the mis-match between Male and Female sexual fulfilment beyond simple procreation (reproduction). If men are able to overcome the physiological barriers of nature, they can last longer during sex. The “good news” however is that the male refractory period applies only to ejaculatory orgasms (penile orgasms). Keyword here being “ejaculatory orgasm”. If a man can avoid an ejaculatory orgasm through the penis, there is a possibility to bypass this refractory period. Allowing sexual activity to continue for longer than usual.

How The Aneros Allows Men to Last Longer In Bed

Aneros Super O

This is where the Aneros (and Pro-State massagers) come in handy. As mentioned previously in this article, these devices get men to a high state of orgasmic arousal. However instead of an orgasm through penile ejaculation, the orgasms experienced by men are non ejaculatory prostate orgasms. At the same time the sensations from the prostate stimulation are highly arousing. This allows the man to continue love making with his partner while in a high state of arousal.

Men get aroused and achieve orgasm faster than women. The Aneros (and Pro-State) massagers provide a way for couples to better align their libidos. Men can bypass the limits of the Male Refractory period whilst still enjoying the pleasure of sex by having non-ejaculatory (penile) orgasms. These prostate massagers allow men to continue with lovemaking while having equally pleasurable prostate orgasms.

"Super T" Orgasms with the Aneros

The Aneros series of Anal/Prostate Toys have also become associated with what is now often known as the “Super T” or a super “Traditional” orgasm. When a man uses the Aneros during sexual intercourse, the thrusting motions of intercourse result in contractions of the PC muscle. These in turn move the Aneros massager, which stimulates the prostate gland and elicits greater blood flow into the urogenital area, leading to stronger, longer lasting erections and stronger ejaculations with greater volume of ejaculate discharged – All achieved without the use of erectile medication and their associated costs and side effects.

Curious about the Aneros?

If our article has raised your curiosity of this amazing device for men, there is only one thing to do. Try it! Aneros is a high quality device made from medical grade plastic. It comes in different models to suit almost every anatomy and need. More importantly however, you actually have the unique opportunity to try out the Aneros Risk Free as Aneros provides a money back guarantee. Click the button below and get your Aneros now!

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