Prostate Massage Basics - The Prostate Gland

The prostate gland is a walnut shaped gland that forms an integral part of a man’s reproductive system. The prostate gland or prostate essentially secretes a fluid that forms 50-70% of the seminal fluid carrying sperm, the alkalinity of the fluid secreted by the prostate helps to neutralize the acidic conditions of a woman’s virginal tract and allows sperm to live longer, thus facilitating fertilization.

Prostate Massage

While it performs an essential function in human reproduction, the prostate is unfortunately better known for various health issues in men. These include Prostatis or inflammation of the prostate gland due to infections; Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), which occurs in older men or in men as they age, which involves enlargement of the prostate gland to the extent that it constricts the urethra, impeding the flow of urine or making urination painful and Prostate Cancer, perhaps the most serious of the diseases involving the prostate gland, which is one of the leading causes of death in men around the world.

The prostate is thus often associated with some unpleasantness in men, with many men – especially the older ones among us, associating it with the requirement of a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), which men between 40-50 years of age are regularly recommended to have, to detect prostate abnormalities, especially prostate cancer. A DRE is usually not too uncomfortable though men usually have an aversion to it due to the fact that it involves a doctor inserting a finger up the rectal cavity.

Prostate Milking

Accessing The Prostate Gland

The process of examining the prostate gland through the rectum as described above is a common way of “accessing” the prostate. Why is this done? Apart from the reason of examining the prostate for cancerous growths or enlargement, gentle massage of the prostate gland is known to promote blood flow to the gland – as with all massage techniques, and is believed to improve the health of the gland. Direct massage of the prostate through the rectum is also used as a form of sexual stimulation as the prostate is now often known as the “male G-spot”

Apart from the more direct method of accessing the prostate through a man’s rectal cavity. The prostate can also be stimulated through gentle massage of a man’s perineum. This is a known pressure point in Asian medicine with which to stimulate the prostate for health and sexual pleasure. Both the rectal method, as well as perineum massage are utilized in traditional prostate massage techniques. If you read further in this article, the prostate massagers we mention also employ both the rectal and perineum methods to stimulate the prostate.

Prostate Massage as Therapy

Prostate massage has been practised since ancient times, in the belief that massage of the gland will both improve the blood flow to the gland as well as “drain” the prostate of its secretions, thus improving a man’s sexual performance – which is why in ancient times, emperors partook of prostate massage to improve their ability to please their many wives and/or concubines.

It is believed that accumulation of residual prostate secretions may be a factor in diseases related to the prostate gland such as BPH and Prostatis as well as possibly Prostate Cancer.  Research has linked regular ejaculation when a man is in his 20s-50s to reduced rates of prostate cancer. The study speculates that frequent ejaculation “flushes” the prostatic ducts and prevents build-up of carcinogenic material although further study needs to be done on this.

In another study published in the “Open Urology and Nephrology Journal” use of a “home use” prostate massage device (The Pro-state – marketed by Highland Health LLC) was determined to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of some lower urinary tract afflictions as BPH and Chronic Prostatis. The Pro-State massager does this with a “head” that is inserted into a man’s rectal cavity, which directly presses onto the prostate gland, while its “perineum tab” rests on the perineum, such that both the prostate gland and perineum are stimulated.

Aneros predecessor pro-state

Above: Pro-State Massager as inserted Internally (Credit)

Prostate Massage as a form of Sexual Stimulation

Prostate massage has another therapeutic function – that of sexual pleasure, with the prostate also being often referred to as the male “G” spot. The prostate being a key body part involved in male ejaculation and orgasm, stimulation of the prostate gland is often known to elicit intense sexual pleasure in men.

If we delve further into the history of the commercial “hands free” Pro-State massagers, mentioned in the study above, we can see that what started off as a medical device, was eventually found to incite intense orgasmic pleasure in the men using it, so much so that the company manufacturing the devices created a (better known) offshoot called “Aneros” to market the massagers from the angle of sexual pleasure, as a sex toy.

Above: Aneros Helix Model (Re-branded from the Pro-State Prostate Massager (Credit)

The Aneros is now a well known device sought after by men who are looking for “mind blowing” orgasms that according to users, are entirely different from typical penile ejaculatory orgasms, in that they are more intense, involving the entire body, without penile ejaculation and sometimes with uncontrollable shaking of the man’s body.

In fact, Prostate Orgasms have been found to provide other benefits apart from just pure pleasure. The fact that such orgasms or “Super Os” as they are frequently called do not involve ejaculation, means that there is none of the nervous refractory period that a man will typically experience after ejaculating. Men using the Aneros, may experience continuous multiple orgasms – compared to penile orgasms which end after ejaculation.

The Prostate Massagers by Aneros, can also be used in combination with traditional sexual intercourse with a man’s partner. Users have found that using the Aneros massager during such sexual encounters will mean that they are harder for a longer period of time, have better control and that they “drain” their prostates more fully, resulting in a more pleasurable sexual encounter.

Prostate Massage – How to choose a prostate massager

While prostate massage can be conducted by instering a finger into one’s own anus to access one’s prostate. (Alternatively - have another person do it manually for you). The most feasible and convenient option is to do it with a prostate massager, many of which are designed to function “Hands Free”.  Prostate massagers come in many shapes and sizes, along with different functionalities:

External or Internal massager? Traditionally, the most effective way to access the prostate is internally through the anus. That being said, the perineum (area between scrotum and anus) is acknowledged as an effective reflexology point for the prostate. Traditional Asian medical arts like TCM/Urut Batin (Pic on the right shows external prostate massage with "Urut Batin" techniques) have identified this point as being effective in stimulating and providing health benefits to prostate function. However, external stimulation is known to be not as intense as internal massage. 

external prostate massage through the perineum

Pic 1: External Stimulation of Prostate (Through Perineum)

For men who have an aversion to insertion of fingers or a massager/toy through the anus, this is still a viable option and tools like the prostate cradle (Pic below) can help. Internal prostate massagers are understandably more common and give a more authentic prostate massager experience though.

Apart from the external only prostate cradle mentioned above, most internal prostate massagers actually have a perineum tab that allow for simultaneous stimulation of the prostate both internally and externally. Given the huge variety of massagers available in the market, Men and their partners also have many other considerations to take note of when choosing an internal massager. These include the size of the massager’s head and whether choosing a vibrating or static massager. Please refer to this article for more detailed instructions to selecting an internal massager.

How to use a prostate massager - relative size of Aneros range of massagers

Above: Different Sized Prostate Massagers from the Aneros Range (Credit)

Prostate Massager – What does it feel like for a man

Apart from the purported health benefits for a man. The holy grail for any man getting a prostate massage is to achieve the “Super O”. That being said a “Super O” is not an immediate “given” when a man receives a prostate massage. Reports on the Aneros Forum, indicate that a prostate orgasm is something a man needs to train his body to experience. One may not necessary experience this on the first try. As a preview, we can give you a foretaste of the sensations a man may achieve with prostate massage (courtesy of – link):

Burning Sensation/Irritation – this can be due to a few reasons – some lubes eg those glycerin based ones may irritate the sensitive wall linings of the anus/rectum. This can be also due to the fact that a man may not be using enough lube and there is not enough lubrication. Note that the anus is not able to self lube, unlike a vagina, so lubrication – as much of it as possible is important.

Feeling of Fullness / and or need to Poo – This is a natural sensation as the anus is being stretched and one may get the feeling of needing to go to the toilet. In most cases it will just happen to be a feeling and you won’t necessarily have to get a bowel movement. To avoid accidents though, it is always good to clear the bowels before prostate massage.

An Erection/Pre-cum/Urge to Urinate – When the prostate gland is massaged or otherwise stimulated, this may stimulate the penis as well. Pre-cum is an usual effect, as is an erection and sometimes a feeling or urinary urgency. That said, it is aviseable if the aim is to achieve a prostate orgasm, to refrain from penile stimulation as a penile climax does trigger the male refractory period and negate any sexual desire after penile ejaculation

The Super “O”/Multiple Orgasms/Full Body Orgasms  – Prostate orgasms are stuff of legends. They have been described to be sensations of warmth spreading from the pelvic area, to the stomach and other parts of the body. Men have described full body sensations or orgasms leading to quivering of various parts of the body and the limbs shaking. This is said to be the holy grail of the male prostate massage experiences and there are videos of men shaking uncontrollably from a full body orgasm as a result of a prostate massage – especially if a vibrating prostate massager is involved.

How to have a prostate orgasm - man in pleasure

Prostate Massage Bottom Line

No pun intended, but there is certainly more to Prostate massage than originally meets the eye. As we have learnt, it is a centuries old method of ensuring optimal male sexual performance. Practiced by the royal courts of the east to ensure the emperors and shahs could please the members of their harems as well as ensure continuation of the royal bloodline. For a long time, prostate massage has also been seen for its therapeutic benefits, ensuring healthy function of men’s prostate glands.

Prostate Massage and stimulation often elicits sensations very different from the sensual experiences a man is used to. This is especially so when one is doing it for the first time (or even first few times). Men can experience a wide variety of sensations with a prostate massage – any one or a few or even all of those listed above. At the same time, some men have reported not having much pleasure or any significant pleasurable sensation from such massage. The key we’d say is persistence and learning to work with your body…. And the massage tool.

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