CURIOUS?  Well, wonder no more because in the next FEW minutes I will tell you what is Urut Batin and how men in South East  Asia have benefited from the techniques of Urut Batin massage for centuries. An art, which has been keeping them and their wives happy and healthy in the bedroom, naturally and without medication or the aid of a device. Now, YOU and men all over the world can practice this ancient art passed down from generation to generation in the privacy and comfort of your own home, this very same art of improving male sexual health and performance that has long  been a jealously guarded secret.

Are you one of the many men around the world who actually suffer from erectile or ejaculation problems BUT suffer in SILENCE? If you are currently healthy in the “sexual” department, are you looking for a way to “MAINTAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT”, just like normal healthy exercise helps maintain one’s organs and muscles?  Well, you have come to the right place today!

The answer for you may lie in the ancient massage technique of Urut Batin. Urut Batin? You may ask what it is. A clue is in our heading above. “How to Urut Batin” does not sound grammatically correct in English but in Malay this translates to “Cara Urut Batin” or how to do “inner” massage as Urut Batin refers to a traditional form of massage to promote “inner strength” or male sexual wellness, long practiced in the Malay Archipelago (Today’s Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei). To find out more about this form of massage and to see the PROOF of the extent to which this ancient technique is trusted and relied upon in this region, please see the video below from Channel News Asia, the respected Asian news broadcaster.

As you can see, erectile and ejaculation in men is a big problem and is getting bigger, especially in aging societies like Singapore. An even bigger problem highlighted by the video above is the fact that these problems are hidden as they tend to bring about shame in the men affected and often, men delay taking any action sometime perhaps until things are too late or, they resort to dubious/unregulated and often illegal “herbal drugs” that have major side effects including blindness or kidney and heart problems. Indeed, the masseur featured in the video indicates that often, men do not even make the appointments themselves and it is instead their wives who force them to seek treatment or in fact make these appointments themselves on behalf of their husbands.

No action on the part of men is certainly no solution to the problem and when it comes to matters affecting male sexual health, that is a BIG problem indeed with 30 million American men afflicted by it and many more around the world. presents the solution: “Urut Batin – Step by step self massage” E-book. As mentioned before, Urut Batin is an ancient massage technique practiced for centuries in the Malay Archipelago and is very popular in these countries, with men regularly visiting their local or village masseur to alleviate their sexual health problems or as a regular form of “SEXUAL HEALTH MAINTENANCE”. Urut Batin simply utilizes massage to alleviate the symptoms of male sexual dysfunction, doing away with potentially dangerous drugs.

BENEFITS of Urut Batin – Step by step self massage E-book

PRIVACY:  As you can see from the video clip, most men will not admit to having problems in the “sexual heath department” and the masseur in the video admits that many men delay treatment and it has to be their wives who arrange the appointments. The “Urut Batin – Step by step self massage” E-book by is therefore THE ANSWER for men who are too shy. Now they can perform these health giving techniques in the comfort and more importantly, the privacy of their own homes!

REGULAR MAINTENANCE:  According to the masseur from the video clip, Urut Batin Massage is not an instant miracle cure. It needs to be performed regularly over a period of time, to be effective. With The “Urut Batin – Step by step self massage” E-book by, men can now perform the massage techniques regularly for maximum effectiveness and benefit.

SAVE $$$$: In Malaysia for example, a typical Urut Batin Massage session can cost around RM 100 (approx USD $23). Again referencing the video clip, the featured masseur indicates that the massage needs to be done regularly over a period of time for the beneficial effects to be felt. This can add up to a lot of money to be spent. Now with just a one time cost of USD $19.99, men can now perform the exercises regularly upon themselves and benefit from these ancient techniques.

EASY ACCESS:  The  E-Book product is easily downloadable and can be accessed by anyone with a computer, it does not matter where you are living or if you have access to a Urut Batin massage practitioner, You now can perform these health giving techniques on yourself with the step by step techniques shown in the e-book. Even men living outside the region without access to Urut Batin masseurs can now benefit from these ancient techniques.


  • Step-by-step instruction on how to perform the massage techniques on your own body

how to urut batin product sample page

  • Fully illustrated diagrams showing the points to be massaged and tecnique of massage
  • Learn to massage points in the hands feet and legs that both benefit sexual function and also improve physical health
  • Learn to maintain the health and fitness of the back muscles important in sexual intercourse and to massage points in the back and buttocks to aid sexual function

So what are you waiting for scroll down and click the buy button NOW? Remember, waiting is no solution, in men with erectile dysfunction waiting will only prolong discomfort and unhappiness – DO NOT as with many men, wait until your wife has to make an appointment with an Urut Batin Masseur yourself. Even if you are currently healthy, “PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE”. While many men in South East Asia regularly go for Urut Batin massage, you now have the option of SIMPLY DOWNLOADING THE E-BOOK and practicing these ancient techniques that have been jealously kept secret on yourself now!


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We at feel that it is important you be able to try the product to improve your sexual health, so much so that we want to remove any doubts you may have for trying the product.If you are in any way dissatisfied with the product, we will refund the cost fully within 30 days of purchase. What’s more we will let you keep the E-Book for your trouble.

SO STOP SUFFERING IN SILENCE NOW!  You are only one CLICK away from better sexual health and performance! Buy and Download the E-BOOK now!

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