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A pioneer in the penis extender industry, the manufacturer of Male Edge had its beginnings as long ago as 1994. Having developed one of the best selling male penis extenders in the market, they have now returned through a subsidiary company, with the Male Edge, a new improved penis extender product.

Improve it they have as Male Edge is unique among penis extenders in that it comes to you as a ready assembled package, without you having to assemble the rods as is the case with other extenders. The device is well designed, cool looking and more importantly easy to use.

Male Edge works on the principle of traction like the other penis extenders in the market. By applying a steady force to the penis, cytokinesis  occurs whereby cells divide causing enlargement of penile tissue and the organ itself.  The effects of this traction force applied onto the penis has been studied and well documented, most notably by Italian Urological researchers Marco Ondera and Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin, whose research indicated that an average increase of 2.5cm erect and 1.9cm flaccid is possible with use of the penis extender device (click link to read abstract of study) over a period of about 6 months.

Male Edge Extender

Male Edge Penis Extender











As mentioned above, the key distinguishing feature of the Male Edge product is really its design. Not only is this one of the coolest looking penis extenders around, it’s actually easy to use. Unlike other extender products which rely on a system of rods of differing lengths to create the traction, Male Edge does not require assembly by the user and comes ready to use. Users simply pull on the adjustable rods and lock them in position. The design also makes Male Edge fairly lightweight, giving users added incentive to use it. This ease of use and its lightweight nature simply encourages users to use the device, which is important to anyone serious about penis enlargement as it is a process that requires application of traction force to the penis over a length of time.

When you buy Male Edge, you get the following benefits:

  • Product from an established manufacturer in the market for almost 2 decades
  • Scientifically proven size gains of over 20% in penis size
  • Cool  design that is delivered assembled and does not require user to deal with attaching metal rods of varying lengths as with other extenders
  • Lightweight design ensures comfort while wearing device throughout the day
  • Double your money back  guarantee – if you don’t see results
  • Online aftersale support
  • Access to a members only forum which gives you access to the experiences of of other users

Male Edge’s advantage in being easy to use and lightweight is also where its weakness arises as its cutting edge design is a function of greater use of plastics which are not as durable vs the metal rod construction of conventional penis extenders.

Nonetheless, Male Edge is basically an “idiotproof” device that enables the user to use the device more easily as compared to other penis extender devices which require self assembly. Its overall construction being lightweight also facilitates comfort and ensures that users will use the device as it should. In any case, potential buyers should note that Male Edge offers a 1 year warranty on the device as well as a “Double your money back” guarantee, which along with the 1 year warranty, should allay any worries about the product’s durability.


Basic Package – US $179

Extra Package – US $199

Pro Package – US $219

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