Why Buy SizeGenetics?

There are many penis extender products in the market, so why buy SizeGenetics over the others? If you are serious about penis enlargement, you’d want to make sure that the device is as comfortable as possible that’s why! And SizeGenetics is particular about the comfort of the wearer. Apart from the scientifically proven penis enlargement effects of SizeGenetics, the company offers products aimed at your comfort when using it, a very important factor for success, given that official research into the effectiveness of penis extenders indicates that enlargement effects depend on users, faithfully wearing the extenders consistently for a period of time(typically 4-6 hrs/day for 4-6 months). When you buy SizeGenetics penis extenders, you get the benefit of their MDA – Multi Directional Angling Technology which gives you the option to wear the device in the angle most comfortable to you. In addition, when you buy SizeGenetics you will benefit from their 58 way (most recently upgraded from its already comfortable 16 way system) “Ultimate Comfort System” which will allow a man to use the device even more comfortably.

As with all penis extender products, SizeGenetics works on the principle of traction, where the device is designed to apply a steady force to keep the penis stretched. This stretching results in a steady and constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa (the part of the penis that holds blood during erections) and can cause the cells in the Copora Cavernosa to actually pull away and eventually split, creating new healthy cells due to cell duplication and allowing the Copora Cavernosa to become larger, so that the penis becomes longer, whether flaccid or erect. Clinical studies at the University of Turin by Gontero and Ondera indicate that penis length gains of an average of 0.7 inch or 1.8 cm in flaccid length in one study and 0.9 inch/2.3 cm flaccid length and 0.67 inch/1.7 cm erect length in another study, are achievable (Read abstract of study).

Where SizeGenetics differentiates itself from other competitors in the market is in its emphasis on COMFORT. Key is the MDA Technology mentioned above which allows you the user to wear the device in various angles to ensure comfort. To further ensure users’ comfort, SizeGenetics has a 58 way Ultimate Comfort System means it’s will be extremely comfortable for anyone to use regularly. Indeed, if you see the product description below the number of variations of wearing the product is certainly impressive.

58 ways to use your device when you buy SizeGenetics








When you buy SizeGenetics products, you get the following benefits:

  • Established product sold in the market for over 16 years
  • Scientifically proven size gains of over 20% in penis size
  • MDA Technology allowing users to wear the device in various angles
  • 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System for comfortable use
  • 180 day guarantee on results of the device
  • Complete aftersale support for customers who buy SizeGenetics
  • Over $300 worth of bonuses
  • Access to a members only forum which gives you access to the experiences of over 54,000 members to help with your success

At US$349.95 for a standard package, SizeGenetics is however one of the more expensive penis extender products around. While it is certainly not the cheapest product in the market, especially when compared to the cheap extender products that one can purchase from various e-commerce sites today, its comfort and quality cannot be ignored. Not all men are created equal and penis sizes and shapes vary. By providing product options that allow men to find the most comfortable wearing position, the company  ensures that the possibility of success is greatest for the men who buy SizeGenetics products.

Comfort is of huge importance when selecting a device involving a part of the body as sensitive and important to a man as the penis. And SizeGenetics delivers it with the Multi-Directional-Angling technology as well as their 58 way comfort system. Enlarging one’s penis takes time and commitment, so if the device is not comfortable, you will not be keen to continue with the program as penis enlargement may take up to 6 months to achieve. Despite the higher price, SizeGenetics offers men keen on penis enlargement the ultimate in comfort and hence the greatest chance for the best results in penis enlargement. If you are serious and want to start your journey to a larger penis right now, there has never been a better time to do so as for a limited time only, the company has an offer to men to buy SizeGenetics at an offer price of $50 off for the Ultimate System Package, simply click the banner link below and key in the promo code ECON8 to enjoy this limited time offer now!



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