Like Urut Batin/Manhood massage, Jelqing (pronounced Jel-king) involves massage on the penis. The similarities more or less end there however. Whereas the technique of Urut Batin involves overall massage to the parts of a man’s body involving and related to the sex organs, with an aim to improve the blood circulation and hence function of the sexual organs of a man. Jelqing is applied mainly to the penis, with the main aim being the increase in size of the penis.

For example, most of the Urut Batin/Manhood Massages I have received so far, have involved an overall Malay style massage to the whole body, with special emphasis on the sexual organs, and not just the penis, but also the testicles, and the perineum (and indirectly the prostate). In Urut Batin massage treatment, the belief is that sexual health is also related to the overall health of the body, which is why the massage is more spread out and areas of the body that are important to the act of sexual copulation are specifically massaged even if they do not appear to be directly related to the sex organs, for example massaging the spine and back muscles to improve a man’s sex life (see Urut Batin massage report #3).

Jelqing in contrast is a more direct approach towards penis enlargement. We can perhaps say that it is one of the most ancient means of penis enlargement – preceding the pills and penis pumps that we have today. According to most sources (see wikipedia), the act of Jelqing can be traced back to the ancient Middle East, relating the word jelqing to Middle Eastern/Arabic origins although this is disputed. Other sources also relate Jelqing to the Middle East where it is said to used as a means for men to enlarge their organ before marriage – which goes to show that the desire by men for a larger penis is not a recent phenomenon.

So how is Jelqing done? Well, it essentially involves a “milking or stroking” motion on the penis –  with repeated milking/stroking motions across the shaft of the penis, to manually stretch the tissues of the penis, ultimately in the belief that this will make the penis larger. There are 2 common ways to stroke the penis with the most common being the “O” grasp method, with the man holding his penis with hand formed into a shape equivalent to making an “OK” sign (The other being a “grasp” method where the man holds his penis between his index finger and thumb as if pinching the penis).

Jelqing hand motion

Jelqing hand motion













Whichever the method used, Jelqing involves stroking the penis along the shaft, towards the glans, usually alternating the hands. According to, it is recommended to start off with 2-300 strokes per day expanding to 500 strokes per day from the 3rd week. Jelqwiki and other sources also recommend that Jelqing be done, while the penis is semi-erect and also preferably with lubrication in the form of oil based lubricants like Vaseline.

While Jelqing is largely a safe and painless procedure, as with any procedure on a sensitive part of the body as the penis, it always pays to be cautious and practitioners are advised not to over Jelq and to look out for such side effects as tiny red spots on the penis caused by burst capillaries and stretch marks among others as noted by Jelqwiki. In short as the website notes, when it comes to Jelqing, the philosophy of “No Pain No Gain” should NOT BE FOLLOWED.

So does Jelqing work – in terms of Penis Enlargement? Well, like the penis enlargement effects of Urut Batin massage (see Urut Batin and Penis Enlargement), the effects are largely unproven by research. Both methods have in common the concept that if one applies constant and regular stretching motions on the penis, enlargement of the organ will eventually occur (though in practice, practitioners of Urut Batin/Manhood Massage do tend to play down these effects, and instead promote Urut Batin/Manhood Massage on the basis of its health improvement qualities).  While it is certainly possible that manual stretching of the penis will work in enlarging the penis, the scientific community has not proven their efficacy as Wikipedia notes.

The scientific community however has in fact endorsed one method of penis enlargement in the market – penis extenders (see Urut Batin and Penis Enlargement). As per the previous blog post, and as reported in Time Magazine, researchers from the University of Turin in Italy have found that use of penis extenders over a period of up to 6 months (and an average of 4-6 hours per day) may result in increases in penile length in men of between 0.7-0.9 inches (or 1.8-2.3 cm) in flaccid length and 0.67 inches or 1.7 cm in erect length.

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The researchers, Paolo Gontero and Marco Ordera concluded that “Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis.” , their research was published in the British Journal of Urology International and you can read an abstract of it here.

So in summary, traditional techniques such as Jelqing and Urut Batin remain unproven in terms of their penis enlargement effects, though some like Urut Batin are targeted at improving sexual health (through the health giving benefits of massage). Nonetheless, there are products currently in the market that cater to men seeking to enlarge their manhood and Penis Extenders have received the endorsement of the scientific community.

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