Lets continue with our discussion on Urut Batin and penis enlargement, where we ended Part 1 with a discussion on the various means employed by men historically to try to enlarge their penis. In part 2, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of Penis Enlargement Surgery and use of the Penis Extender.

We start with Penis Enlargement Surgery.


Penis Surgery











Well how does penis enlargement surgery work? There are essentially 2 aspects, penis lengthening and penis girth enhancement. The surgical procedure to lengthen the penis involves cutting the suspensory ligaments of the penis (that hold a portion of the penis close to the pubic bone and supports an erect penis, pointing it up) this operation allows more of the penis to hang out freely and according to netdoctor, may result in an increase in flaccid length of the penis of about 0.5cm but no significant increase in erect length. Enhancement of penile girth may involve injections of liposuction fat from the abdomen to the penis or grafts of dermis and fat tissue from the buttock area or groin to the penis. The procedure for increasing penile girth has questionable effects, especially the fat injections which are usually largely absorbed into the body, while the penis lengthening procedure may also result in erectile problems, given that the suspensory ligaments which are essential for supporting the penis when erect, have been cut. Add to that the fact that all surgical procedures carry with them post operative risks and the typical exorbitant costs associated with these procedures and this makes penis enlargement by surgery a decidedly unattractive option.

The other Penis Enlargement technique with documented effectiveness, is use of the penis extender.


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According to a Time Magazine article from 2011, which quotes research by a pair of urological researchers from the University of Turin in Italy (Paolo Gontero and Marco Ordera), indicating gains of an average of 0.7 inch or 1.8 cm in flaccid length one study and 0.9 inch/2.3 cm flaccid length and 0.67 inch/1.7 cm erect length in another study, through the use of the penis extender, which works on the principle of “mechanical traction”. No significant changes were recorded however in penis girth. The penis extender basically stretches the penis resulting in the gains in length, though according to the article, these gains were not without hard work on the part of the study participants, with the men having to wear the penis extender an average of 4-6 hours a day for up to 6 months. The source study by Gontero and Ordera is published in the British Journal of Urology International vol  103, nr. 6, march II 2009 and to quote the conclusion of the research study by Gontero and Ondera, “Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis.” (read an abstract of the study here)

Going back to our to where we started, so where does it leave us with Urut Batin and penis enlargement? Well, if we refer back to part 1, the massuers I spoke to, indicated that penis enlargement will only come with consistent massage of the penis. In a way this coressponds with the research by Gontero and Ondera that shows that penis enlargement with the penis extender takes time and requires consistent force applied on the penis for a period of time in order to achieve results. Nonetheless (without taking away the merits of a form of massage with such a long tradition and especially the ability of massage to improve blood flow and thus overall health of the male genital region), the penile enlargement effects of Urut Batin massage are not proven scientifically, unlike for the effects of the penis extender.

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