Male Anatomy Part 2

urut batin and its relation to the male anatomypart 2 - erection development pic








In Part 2 of this blogpost, we continue to explore the relationship between Urut Batin and the Male Anatomy, in particular the erection of the penis – the mechanics of it and how Urut Batin massage is said to aid in the erectile process.

To start, we again have to look at the anatomy of the human male penis as displayed below:

Urut Batin and its relation to the Male anatomy 2 - cross section diagram of human male penis

Cross Sectional Anatomy of the Human Male Penis by Mcstrother








In particular, it is worthy of note that apart from the Urethra which delivers primarily urine and secondarily also semen/sperm; the main aspect of the anatomy of the penis are the 2 segments of spongy tissue called the corpus cavernosa. When a man is sexually aroused blood rushes into the corpus cavernosa and engorge the tissues as a result. During an erection, smooth sinusoidal muscles compress the veins where blood enters to restrict blood flow out of the corpus cavernosa to maintain an erect penis. Conversely when a penis “softens”, the process reverses and blood flows out causing the penis to become limp or flaccid again.

Typically Erectile dysfunction may be a result of either psychological or physiological causes. Physiological causes are said to cause about 70% of all Erectile Dysfunction or ED cases and may include causes such as diabetes; kidney disease; vascular disease and multiple sclerosis among others. Urut Batin massage aims to alleviate the  symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction through massage that encourages blood circulation and flow into the penis itself. At the same time, through the incorporation of traditional reflexology methods into the Urut Batin massage techniques, it is believed that organs related to sexual function, such as the kidney are strengthened as well.

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