Introduction to Urut Batin Massage

groinUrut Batin, is among the forms of manhood massage or therapy aimed at maintaining and improving a man’s sex organs and sexual vitality. It is based on an ancient Javanese technique of massage, which involves massage targeted principally at a man’s lower abdominal region. Essentially, the lower abdomen, inner thigh, the perineum (which is the area between a man’s testicles and anus) and the prostate. While it is a form of massage to improve sexual function, the technique, looks at the body in a holistic manner and is often performed as part of a full body massage. Urut Batin massage incorporates reflexology and accupressure techniques (like in Traditional Chinese Medicine where different parts of one’s body are related to different organs of the body and massage of such “reflexology” or “accupressure” points are believed to provide therapeutic benefits to different organs of the body). Massage of areas of the body, including the hands and feet are believed to be beneficial to a man’s ability to perform sexually.

The main goal of Urut Batin massage is however, to improve blood circulation to the male sexual organs and in doing so, improve a man’s sexual function.

The benefits of Urut Batin include:

Ejaculation Control – The massage is believed to enable a man to achieve more control over his ejaculation during sexual intercourse with “holdback” techniques incorporated to enable a man to “last” longer during the sexual act to help improve a couple’s pleasure and relationship.

Improve Erectile Function  – Urut Batin massage is understood to enhance blood flow into the penis which helps improve a man’s erection ability as erections are a result of blood flowing and filling spongy tissue in the penis.

Enhance Prostate Health – Urut Batin massage also involves massage of the prostate, mainly through gentle pressure on the prostate gland through the perineum

Enlarge the Penis – The massage technique is said to be able to increase the size of a man’s manhood so to speak, through regular massage of the penis or manhood, and manipulation of the ligaments and spongy tissue of the penis, it is believed that regular Urut Batin  massages will enhance a man’s penis size.

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