Urut Batin / Manhood Massage Report 2: Men’s Kneads

In this 2nd of a series of reports of Urut Batin/Manhood massage providers (for the first report on “Treat and Cure” massage in Singapore, please refer to this link) who provide Urut Batin/Manhood massage, we visit Mens Kneads, a provider of massage services for men in Jurong in Singapore’s west. Mens Kneads provide a range of massage services for men, including Deep Tissue Massage; Oriental Manhood Therapy or Urut Batin/Manhood massage; Prostate Massage as well as other treatments including Body Scrub and herbal therapeutic wraps. It is in essence, a spa for men.

Manhood Massage











The Massage Studio: Really impressive place. Mr Jaafar, the owner of Mens Kneads, has really put in the effort to create an oasis at his flat in Jurong. A separate room just off the entrance to the flat has been carved out and customers do not have to pass through the living area of the flat to access the massage studio. The studio has been tastefully decorated in an Arabic style with nice furnishings and mood lighting. During the massage, Mr Jaafar will dim all the lights and switch on Arabic style music to relax his clients.

The Massage: After undressing, I lay face down on the massage table while Mr Jaafar put a clean drape to cover me and he would continue to keep me suitably draped throughout the massage. I would describe Mr Jaafar’s massage style as being relatively “spa styled” with use of nice oils and he makes the effort to rub his hands to warm them throughout the massage so that his touch during the massage feels warm, something that masseurs rarely do.

The Oriental Manhood therapy massage is a combination of a full body massage as well as an Urut Batin/Manhood massage. Mr Jaafar’s technique combines firm strokes and softer, sensual strokes with a lot of emphasis on improving muscle tone as well as blood circulation, especially closer to the genital massage portion of the urut batin massage, where Mr Jaafar, firmly uses his elbow to deliver firm strokes in the inner thighs to improve blood circulation to the lower limbs and abdomen area. The Urut Batin/Manhood massage itself felt like a lot of pulling and tugging at the shaft of the penis, as well as pulling and stretching of the scrotal sac and vas differens area. In addition to the overall body massage and Urut Batin/Manhood massage to the genital area.

I also opted to pay a little extra to try out Mr Jaafar’s prostate massage. According to the information on his website, prostate massage provides health benefits including better prostate health. Mr Jaafar’s prostate massage involves both internal and external massage of the prostate gland (see this link to our article on prostate massage).

Oriental Manhood Massage: external prostate massage through the perineum

External Massage of the Prostate Gland through the Perineum from Urut Batin E-Book

An external prostate massage is part of the Oriental Manhood Massage, where the perineum is massaged to treat the prostate gland. The separate prostate massage component involves an internal prostate massage, where a finger is inserted through the rectum to directly massage the prostate gland. While this procedure may sound uncomfortable – much like getting a prostate examination at a doctor’s office, Mr Jaafar, is gentle while inserting his finger into the rectum, using lubricant and gloves to ensure hygiene. I personally found the massage rather intense and felt a dull ache in the perineum/prostate area while Mr Jaafar was massaging my prostate – perhaps I am just not used to this.

Verdict: In the Mens Kneads website and logo, is the motto: Rediscover your Masculinity. Clearly, the premise of Mr Jaafar’s business is to allow men to rejuvenate their sexual health through massage or Urut Batin/Manhood massage in particular. Mr Jaafar provides a professional and refined “spa-like” service in a very nicely decorated massage studio. His massage strokes are very polished as is the overall experience which felt very much like what you will get in a professional spa at a fraction of the cost of what you will pay in a normal spa.


Mens Kneads Manhood Massage

Cost –

Oriental Manhood Therapy (including full body deep tissue massage and Urut Batin/Manhood Massage) SGD$75 for standalone @75mins

Prostate Massage (added on to Oriental manhood therapy) SGD$30 @20mins

NB: SGD$10 discount usually applies for any add on treatments – check out the mens kneads website for further information on rates and other services

Location: Blk 828 Jurong West Street 81 #05-290 Singapore

Contact: Tel: 9144 6456

Website: www.mens-kneads.com

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