Urut Batin KL Review 2 – Massage by Din

In this 4th of a series of reports of Urut Batin/Manhood massage providers (for the first report on “Treat and Cure” massage in Singapore, please refer to this link) who provide Urut Batin/Manhood massage, we experience a massage from Masseur Din, an independant provider of massage services for men in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, literally in KL Sentral. Din is an independent masseur operating from a Blind Massage Centre – Berjaya in the central KL Suburb of Brickfields (Little India), a stones throw away from KL Sentral Station and the Nu Sentral Shopping Centre.

Urut Batin Massage providers are not easy to find in Malaysia. After not being able to reach two other Urut Batin Massage providers during my short stay in KL this time around, I managed to reach Din relatively easy. It was also a bonus that he was affiliated with the Berjaya Blind Massage Centre in Brickfields, near KL Sentral Station.

Din was recommended in one of the forums in Malaysia, with discussion on Urut Batin Manhood Massage. He came recommended in one of the posts where the author of the post claimed that a friend’s Erectile Dysfunction problem was cured after a series of massage sessions from Din.

Setting up an appointment with Din was easy, compared to my experiences with other providers I found online in KL this time around. He was easily reached on phone in the morning and I was able to secure an appointment with him for a massage within an hour at the Berjaya Centre (Directions below this post).

Urut Batin KL Review - Massage by Din - The Massage Studio:

Really a no frills facility above a shop unit. The centre mainly caters to Blind Masseurs. Din operates at the centre independantly and was there to meet me punctually at the appointed time. The massage room is office cubicle like but equipped with a proper massage bed and clothes hooks to hang one’s clothing.

Urut Batin KL Review - Massage by Din - The Massage:

Din provided a bath towel to change to. He loosened the towel for the massage but kept me appropriately draped during the course of the massage.

Din’s massage style is very firm and his strokes feel like a mechanical claw going up and down your body. Good firm strokes that release any muscular knots you may have and improve blood circulation to the various parts of the body being massaged.

The Urut Batin portion of the massage was at the tail (15-20 mins) end of the massage. Sufficient oil was used and in short, what I can describe from experiencing Din’s massage is that it felt a lot like the Urut Batin massage experienced at Men’s Kneads in Singapore (See Urut Batin Manhood Massage Review 2). There was a lot of pinching action on the shaft of the penis and the scrotal sac and the vas differens. Overall I would say that it was kind of invigorating to the private part of my body.

The last bit of the Urut Batin portion of the massage involved a fair bit of stroking to the shaft and head of the penis. This is part of the massage and Din told me that if I wanted “release” I could but it is better to keep from ejaculating.

And so that was it for the massage, all 1.5hrs of it.

Urut Batin KL Review - Massage by Din - Verdict:

As mentioned before in KL it is not easy to reach providers of Urut Batin Massage, with many listed providers found on the internet not responding to calls or online enquiries (some websites may also not be updated) – Din’s major advantage is that he is quite accessible and not only that, he operates in-call from a very central and easily found location in the city. Massage wise I found him to be very competent and it’s a bonus that other online posts also attest to the proported benefits of his Urut Batin massage. .

Urut Batin KL Review - Massage by Din - Details:

Cost – RM 85 for 1.5 hrs (1 hr available as well)

Deep tissue massage and Urut Batin/Manhood Massage RM85 for 90mins (Shorter duration available as well, please enquire with Din by phone – ask for the Urut Batin, it incorporates a full body deep tissue massage)

Location: 19A, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 4 Brickfields Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Directions: If using the KL Monorail, proceed to the ground floor. At Jalan Tun Sabathan, turn right and walk towards Jalan Tun Sabathan 4 (where you will see the YMCA). The Berjaya Blind Massage Centre is in a row of shophouses directly opposite the YMCA.

Urut Batin KL Review – Massage by Din_ymca


Urut Batin KL Review – Massage by Din _Berjaya signage

Berjaya Blind Massage Centre Signage

Contact: (Mobile) +60176186310

Website: https://plus.google.com/116659647095952230765

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