URUT BATIN – Harnessing a man’s “INNER” strength

Urut Batin massage is often known by the English term – Manhood massage, given that it is essentially a form of massage for a man’s “Manhood” so to speak. The English term nonetheless does not do justice to the Malay language origins of the term Urut Batin. In the Malay language, Urut means “ Massage” while Batin has the meaning of “ inner” so Urut Batin Literally means “Inner Massage” (although the 2 languages are similar, it appears that in Indonesian, the term for massage is “Pijat” rather than Urut as it is, in Malay). While the massage technique itself certainly involves largely the massage or otherwise manipulation of a man’s external genitalia, by virtue of the term Urut Batin itself and per the explanation above, the technique is meant to enhance a man’s “inner strength” or energy.

A man’s sexual prowess is in many cultures linked to what is termed his “inner strength” and inability to perform sexually is often seen as a form of inherent physical weakness in a man. In Eastern culture and medicine, this is taken a step further in the sense that a person’s inner energy is related to one’s well being as a whole and mastery of this inner energy is key to one’s health and overall well being. Due to regional influences and internal migrations, this belief in a form of internal energy is literally found throughout Eastern Culture and traditions, from the concept of Chakras in traditional Hindu metaphysical belief, to the Chinese belief in a life-force or Qi. Both schools of thought essentially refer to points in the human body, which are centres of energy in the body


Chakra diagram to describe how Urut Batin enhances "inner" energy








CHAKRA Points – Image by Gil Dekel

There is a strong belief in the medical traditions of the East, that these “energy” points within the human body, can be harnessed – For example, through the Chinese belief system or practice known as Qi Gong, which can loosely be translated as mastery of one’s internal life force.

The following videos provide a good illustration of the potential that mastery of this “inner energy” or Qi as known in Chinese can bring. What is shown is certainly a rather extreme form of the mastery of a person’s internal energy and I would like to qualify that these methods should not be tried at home. While sceptics abound on the nature and origins of the phenomena seen in these 2 videos, they make for interesting viewing and point to the fact that perhaps, there is more to the potential of the human body than most people are knowledgeable about or are able to harness, and that traditional cures like Urut Batin or Manhood Massage have a role to play in maintaining a healthy balance in the body’s internal “energy” system.

The first video was made in the mid 1980s for a documentary titled Ring of Fire based on the adventures of 2 Western travellers, brothers who were documenting their journey around the Pacific “Ring of Fire” or volcanic belt. Both videos involve a man in Indonesia whom we later know as John Chang, an ethnic Chinese practitioner of traditional healing methods. Note frame 1.33-34min, where John indicates how and where he harnesses his energy for his healing work and displays of metaphysical prowess.

The second video is again of John Chang, perhaps a decade later, displaying more of the same metaphysical prowess, in the presence of Western experts who were assembled to ascertain the truth and nature of his powers.

It is interesting to note that in both videos, John shows that the area he “harnesses” his internal energy to generate the “electricity” for his powers, is from 2 points in the lower abdominal and perineum area (the orange and red points in the diagram above), which correspond to the Swadhisthana and Muladhara chakra points respectively. These points, which we will cover more deeply in a future blog post, relate to areas affecting sexual function and sexuality.

Urut Batin/Manhood massage draws on these Eastern traditions. By enhancing the internal “energy” system of a man, the Urut Batin massage technique aims to add vitality to a man’s ability to perform sexually.

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