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SizeGenetics is a penis extender device from Permenda Ltd. The device promises to increase penile length but most importantly in its website the company touts the comfort of the device, through its unique MDA (Multi-Directional-Angling) technology as well as its 16 way comfort system with accessories that allow the user to customize the angle at which the device is worn and how the head of the customer’s penis is strapped to the device, arguing that the more comfortable the device, the more often it will be worn and the greater the success of the product. A 6-month guarantee is offered on the product for users who are not satisfied with the performance of the product.

16-way-comfort SGIn addition to increase in penile length, SizeGenetics also promotes its ability to correct penile curvature through the use of its extender device.

Of particular note is that SizeGenetics actively promotes “Before-After” testimonials inclusive of photographs. Indeed, customers are invited to submit their “before after” pictures as part of testimonials, with SizeGenetics offering up to $389.95 for accepted testimonials with photographs.

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