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Date: Wednesday 30 May, 9:30PM

From: Calvin

Dear  Brothers,

my name is Calvin, originally from Malaysia.

I am currently 30 years old, When I got married, five years ago, I encountered a somewhat embarrassing situation. You see, I was coming too quickly when me and the wife were making love. Perhaps it was over excitement or in-experience but I felt powerless, being unable to control my ejaculation, when making love to my beautiful wife.

Not only was it a frustrating and humiliating experience for me, to not be able to perform sexually in front of my wife. We were both unsatisfied with our sex lives as each time we made love, it just ended all too quickly.

More worrisome was the fact my Pre-mature ejaculation started to affect my relationship with my wife. I started to avoid intimate situations with her, which you can imagine for a young couple, does not do well for a relationship. It got pretty bad to the extent that she was starting to suspect that infidelity on my part was the reason why I was declining to be intimate with her.

It was certainly an embarrassing problem to be suffering from. I felt embarrassed approaching anyone with my problem. I guess for most men, such sexual problems are embarrassing to reveal to anyone, as our ability to perform or last longer in bed is often taken as a measure of our manhood.

Above: Not me and my wife but you can imagine our frustration before I started to practice Urut Batin

Body Meridians, as observed in Traditional Chinese Medicine

My search lead me back to my Asian roots in Malaysia – though along the way, I discovered in my research that men in Asia have for centuries used various methods to build up their virility and ability to perform in the bedroom, which you can discover in your own time on my website – and in particular a centuries old technique of massage known as Urut Batin in the Malay Language.

Urut Batin is a traditional form of massage utilizing the age old art of reflexology and acupressure and is related to the ancient medical arts of the Asian region, including Chinese Traditional medicine and ancient Javanese and Malay cures. The emphasis is on treating the traditional meridian points and the body’s nervous system to ensure optimum performance of the body and its organs

I was intrigued by the fact that for centuries, men in my home country and across the surrounding region, have been heading to the nearest village masseur that was offering such a service as a solution to their physical problems in bed.

I thus decided to engage the services of a masseur nearby to Kuala Lumpur Mohammed, where I used to live and began going for regular massage sessions about twice a week. Over the period of about 2 months, I began to notice a difference in my ability to get hard and achieve erections. I was able to achieve erections spontaneously and was lasting longer in bed. Certainly my wife was pleased!

The regular Urut Batin massage session certainly changed my life and not only my life but that of my wife as well. Certainly for the better! Not only were we enjoying our sex life a lot more, our relationship improved by leaps and bounds as well, due to the increased intimacy we had. Something that we certainly would not have been able to achieve without the wonders of Urut Batin massage. I was better able to achieve erections at will and we could make love spontaneously, something neither a pill, nor a pump is able to do!

Above: Happier times with my wife after we discovered the Miraculous Effects of Urut Batin Massage

About a year later, we decided to move to the United States to take advantage of business opportunities, though I really did not want to let go of the benefits that I had achieved with the regular massage sessions with Mohammed that had changed my (sex) life.

I began to work with him to learn the steps to apply the massage on myself and my own body, in the hope of being able to continue to achieve the benefits of the massage that had given me so much to date.

The result is the “Urut Batin Manhood Massage E-book” in which I share the secrets of how I managed to regain my (sexual) health without the use of pills or other aids and devices, but through building inner strength within the body through the application of ancient techniques of reflexology and massage that form the basis of Urut Batin.

how to urut batin product sample page

What will the “Urut Batin Manhood Massage E-Book do for you?

  • Discover what men in the Malay Archipelago have been practicing for centuries and the techniques that kept them healthy in the sexual health department, before the age of penis pumps and Viagra or Cialis.
  • Learn simple easy to follow exercises that you can do at home on a daily basis to improve your (sexual) health without having to tell anyone - even your lover/partner that you are having these problems.
  • Practice the art of Urut Batin Manhood Massage in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. No need to confide in any one or invite questions or doubts about your "manhood"!
  • No need to expose yourself to a masseur or anyone else if you are shy.
  • Do it at your own schedule like normal exercise so that you can maintain a healthy exercise regiment for your private parts.
  • Learn exercises to improve your ability to achieve Erections. control your Erections, and last longer before Ejaculating just like men have done for centuries in the Malay Archipelago.
  • Develop the ability to respond spontaneously when a sexual situation arises, unlike with medication or pumps – nothing kills the spontaneous emotions when it comes to love making than having to rely on such aids

Don’t just take my word for it, you really do not need to go far to find the fact that Urut Batin massage is such a trusted means of alleviating the symptoms of ED and pre-mature ejaculation in the countries that make up the Malay Archipelago - where it is seen as a tradition, that even trusted and authoritative media channels like Channel News Asia (The pan-Asian equivalent of CNN) even cover the subject in their regular content as  seen below.

How much should all this cost you then?

In Malaysia for example, a typical Urut Batin Massage session can cost around RM 100 (approx USD $30) a session. Again referencing the Channel News Asia video clip, the featured masseur indicates that the massage needs to be done regularly over a period of time for the beneficial effects to be felt - AT LEAST 5 sessions to start with. This can add up to a lot of money to be spent (At least around USD $150 to have an effective course of Urut Batin Massage I'd say).

Not to mention, since the knowledge of Urut Batin Manhood Massage is virtually non-existant outside of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei it would be very hard, if not impossible to find practitioners of the techniques outside of those countries, to even benefit from it. Making it virtually priceless.

And our offer to you today for this PRICELESS knowledge?

Our normal price for the training package is USD $37. However, FOR A LIMITED TIME on this page only we are offering this knowledge - Jealously guarded for centuries - at the special price of only USD $17. Incredible knowledge that you can apply for yourself and to yourself forever after.

Still unconvinced by this FANTASTIC offer?

Try It Risk Free For 30 Days With Our Money Back Guarantee!

So here's what you will get for the special ONE TIME ONLY price of USD $17 - only if you take action soon:

  • Comprehensive step by step illustrated instructions on the techniques of Urut Batin Manhood massage. Hitherto only practiced by a select few masseurs in the Malay Archipelago and jealously guarded and only inherited within the families practicing it.
  • Knowledge and the ability practice these exercises regularly to build up your sexual stamina and strength.
  • The ability to practice these exercises at your will and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Ultimately better sexual fitness and the ability to more spontaneously react in a sexual situation without having to rely on either expensive medication or pumps – and their associated lack of spontaneity.

Well the choice is yours. The clock is ticking on this Offer Which Will EXPIRE once the clock runs down to 0!


You can continue to struggle in silence without any effective solutions to your physical and relationship problems.

Or you can tap into this ancient knowledge which has been relied on for centuries by men in the East to alleviate symptoms of Pre-Mature Ejaculation (and Erectile Dysfunction).

At least give these exercises a try for 30 days and if they do not work, you won’t pay a cent. What do you have to lose?

To your sexual health and well being!


P.S. Have you ever wondered how men in centuries past, dealt with sexual health issues like Erectile Dysfunction and Pre-Mature Ejaculation? … Without such modern aids and medication like Viagra and Penis Pumps?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can as many men over the centuries have using the techniques of Urut Batin Massage, techniques that have hitherto remained secret and only passed down within families of massuers from generation to generation will now be revealed with this new product.

So what are you waiting for? Let Calvin unlock these secrets for you today and you will be on your road to regain your erections spontaneously and at will, without the use of pills or pumps!

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