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Date: Wednesday 30 May, 9:30PM

From: Calvin

Dear  Brothers,

My name is Calvin, originally from Malaysia.

I am currently 30 years old, When I got married, five years ago, I encountered a somewhat embarrassing situation. You see, I was coming too quickly when me and the wife were making love. Perhaps it was over excitement or in-experience but I felt powerless, being unable to control my ejaculation, when making love to my beautiful wife.

Not only was it a frustrating and humiliating experience for me, to not be able to perform sexually in front of my wife. We were both unsatisfied with our sex lives as each time we made love, it just ended all too quickly.

More worrisome was the fact my Pre-mature ejaculation started to affect my relationship with my wife. I started to avoid intimate situations with her, which you can imagine for a young couple, does not do well for a relationship. It got pretty bad to the extent that she was starting to suspect that infidelity on my part was the reason why I was declining to be intimate with her.

It was certainly an embarrassing problem to be suffering from. I felt embarrassed approaching anyone with my problem. I guess for most men, such sexual problems are embarrassing to reveal to anyone, as our ability to perform or last longer in bed is often taken as a measure of our manhood.

My search lead me back to my Asian roots in Malaysia – though along the way, I discovered in my research that men in Asia have for centuries used various methods to build up their virility and ability to perform in the bedroom, which you can discover in your own time on my website – and in particular a centuries old technique of massage known as Urut Batin in the Malay Language.

Urut Batin is a traditional form of massage utilizing the age old art of reflexology and acupressure and is related to the ancient medical arts of the Asian region, including Chinese Traditional medicine and ancient Javanese and Malay cures. The emphasis is on treating the traditional meridian points and the body’s nervous system to ensure optimum performance of the body and its organs

I was intrigued by the fact that for centuries, men in my home country and across the surrounding region, have been heading to the nearest village masseur that was offering such a service as a solution to their physical problems in bed.