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If you are tired of always coming too soon in the bedroom and want to enhance your performance in bed, you will love these Ancient Techniques, practiced for centuries by men in Malaya and Java

Introducing Urut Batin, Ancient Technique From Malaya / Java

       Trusted to:

  • Improve Libido
  • Increase Blood flow & Function in Genitals
  • Give Men Better Control
  • Give Men Better Staying Power

Practiced and Trusted for Centuries by Men in Malaya and Java, these techniques of Urut Batin Massage are certainly part of mainstream culture in the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as seen in the video clip by Channel News Asia (The Asian equivalent of CNN).

However, the secrets of these techniques have been held closely by Masseurs and traditionally one had to seek an appointment with a masseur like Mr Saat to receive the benefits of this traditional technique.

REVEALED - The Secrets of Urut Batin!

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The techniques of Urut Batin have been kept secret for centuries. Passed down only from generation to generation of Masseurs.

We can now Reveal this centuries old Secret!

  • Learn these techniques to practice on yourself in the privacy of your own home!
  • Benefit from the health-giving techniques trusted for centuries!
  • Benefit from these techniques anytime / anywhere. No need to visit a masseur!
  • Have better control!
  • Perform Better!

Unveil The Secrets of Urut Batin for Yourself

Decision Time, Men! You can either:

  • Still Suffer in Silence
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  • OR

  • Have Better Control 
  • Stay Hard Longer
  • Have a Happy Sex Life
  • What is the Value of this hitherto Secret Knowledge?

    Traditionally, you would have to find a masseur practicing the techniques to be able to Benefit. These Masseurs are not easy to locate, even in Singapore/Malaysia, not to mention the USA. Even in Singapore/Malaysia, it will cost about USD $20 to $40 per session . To fully benefit, a man will need to have at least 5 sessions as per the CNA video which is at least USD $100.

    ​What value do you put on a Healthy & Happy Sex Life?

    Let's make your decision easier

    Usual Price - $35

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