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Urut Batin is a form of massage performed by masseurs in the Malay Archipelago – what is now the countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia – for generations and believed to relieve the effects of Erectile Dysfunction and Pre-Mature Ejaculation.​​​​
The Technique marries elements of ancient traditional Chinese medicinal practices of reflexology - An art that maps the body into various acupressure points with particular points related to specific functions of the body, like sexual function, with ancient Malayan/Javanese massage techniques that improve blood flow and circulation to the genital and reproductive organs of a man.
So much is it a part of a part of mainstream culture in the countries of the Malay Archipelago that even trusted mainstream pan-Asian news broadcaster, Channel News Asia features it as form of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and other Mens' Health issues in the clip above.
For generations, men in the Malay Archipelago, have relied on regular appointments with masseurs like Mr Saat to maintain their sexual health and fitness. As Mr Saat describes in the video, there are no miracle cures and urut batin massage is simply a regular regiment of massage to stimulate the accu-pressure points and promote blood flow to the genital organs of a man. Very much like a regular exercise regiment
However, this tradition of relying on masseurs means that many men do not have access to the health giving massage techniques of Urut Batin Massage, even in the countries where the massage is an entrenched form of tradition. More so for men living outside the countries of the Malay Archipelago, where these ancient and jealously guarded techniques are rarely practiced.



Urut Batin

Step by Step Self Massage


  • Fully illustrated, step by step guide to performing the massage on one self
  • Perform the massage on yourself in the privacy of your own home
  • Maintain your sexual fitness with regular exercises to benefit your reproductive organs
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